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Quality has a special place in the Company’s activity. Clay quality control is being continuously maintained: it starts from well-drilling and pit exploration, and continues in the process of mining and transportation, up to delivery to the customer. Pre-drilling is executed; test sampling is made from every 10 trucks. An independent laboratory SGS Ukraine controls the quality at lading ports.

Enterprises of “Kislotoupor” IG have in their disposal certified laboratories equipped by the newest Dutch and German equipment manufactured by “Phillips” allowing to prepare clay mixtures by modifying chemical composition of mined clay depending on buyers’ needs. All this allows to guarantee stable quality of clay in full compliance with requirements of final consumers.

1. Kurdyumovskoe deposit (“Kurdyumovskiy plant of acidproof products” PrJSC)

Clays of K-3 and K-2 grades fit for production of ashlar brick, clinker brick, acidproof brick, ceramic tile for floor, ceramic granite, facing tile.

2. Central deposit (“Euromineral” LLC)

Clays of EC-1 and EC-2 – the main mineralogical component includes kaolinite and hydromica, low compounding of staining oxides (Fe2O3 and TiO2), stiff ones. Low sensibility to drying makes these clays suitable for production of ceramic granite, dale, facing tile, clinker brick, both solid and hollow one, roofing tile. It is possible to apply as additive agent in china casting mixtures and engobes.

Clay loading fraction – 0,05-0,10 m.

Kislotoupor” IG also provides the basis for mobility of our specialists to control the quality at discharging ports and render technological monitoring of the first test lots.

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