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18.12.2014   Information on activity of IG Kislotoupor

  For the last 18 years IG Kislotoupor has established itself as a reliable supplier of high quality white refractory clays to markets in Europe, Asia, North Africa, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. During the years of cooperation with the leading Russian and European factories the quality of the raw material was appreciated.

  The unstable situation in Ukraine, concerns about possible problems with logistics, the rumors about the closure of the Ukrainian-Russian border and the introduction of fees has led to confusion of Russian consumers. As it turned out, there was not any reason for concern and the suspension of cooperation. During the year IG Kislotoupor has fully fulfilled all obligations on clay deliveries in timely manner. Proof of this is not only the continuation of cooperation with existing customers, but also the emergence of the company new customers this Atem (Kiev, Ukraine), three plants of Cersanit Group (Ukraine, Russia), OSMiBT (Russia ), Zheleznogorsk brick plant (Russia).


  We will be glad to see you among our partners!

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