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About Us

Our mission: to get the status of the international industrial group by expansion of sales markets of raw materials, providing competent technological decisions to the partners and development of enterprise in new spheres of business for ensuring economic development of our region, the company and employees.


Values of IG “Kislotoupor”:

· Effective activity

· Utility for clients

· Responsibility

· Transparency in business

· Professionalism

· Continuous development

· Command spirit

· Commitment

· Honesty

· Openness in the relations between employees

The history of Industrial Group “Kislotoupor” begins from times history of “Kurdyumovsky plant of acidproof products”. In 1956 on the basis of the order of the Ministry of construction of the enterprises of the coal industry the Kurdyumovsky brick works by capacity of 27,2 million pieces of a brick in a year have been constructed. The plant location – urban settlement Kurdyumovka – it has been chosen near the Kurdyumovsky deposit of refractory clay.

In the 60-70th years the product range has been expanded and included the acidproof bricks, the acidproof tiles and acidproof Raschig rings . High quality of outlet products has been highly appreciated by consumers of the countries of the former USSR.

Since 2010 brick production has been stopped.

Today IG “Kislotoupor” consist of:

1. “Euromineral” LLC -

field development and mining of refractory white-burning clay. Reserves of the “Central deposit” can make sure work of enterprise for more than 20 years. Start-up – 2008.

2. «Kurdyumovskiy plant of acidproof products” PrJSC –

mining of white-burning high-melting clay. Reserves of "Kurdyumovskoye deposit" can make sure work of enterprise for more than 120 years. Start-up – 2009.

3. “Nedra Donbassa» LLC –

mining and production of gypsum chips. Reserves of “Nikolaevskoye deposit” can make sure work of enterprise for more than 180 years. Start-up – 2004.

4. “Kislotoupor LTD” LLC –

management, logistics and sales of high-quality refractory clays and gypsum mined by enterprises of the group. Start-up – 1995.

5. Scientific and production enterprise «Geoinvest» LLC –

searching and development of minerals deposits. Start up – 2007.




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