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Development and selection of formulations for ceramic industry

"The Ceramics Quality Centre" specializes in the design and selection of formulations for ceramic industry enterprises, using both scientific knowledge of its staff and its extensive practical experience in the development of formulations ceramic pastes and glazes.

"The Ceramics Quality Centre" is a successfully developing structural subdivision of "Kislotoupor" industrial group, created in 2011 on the basis of "Kurdyumovskiy plant of acidproof products" ("KZKI" PrJSC).

"KZKI" PrJSC has a 50-year experience in brick production and 15-year experience in clinker brick production. It has a wide range of excellent raw materials, modern equipment and skilled workforce.

Due to many years’ of clays supplying to the CIS and European countries markets our company got the rich experience in design of formulations for these enterprises and introduction of clay into production. All our proposed formulations have been successfully implemented at the places of production of those enterprises that were engaging us in an official capacity.

Considering the fact that in the ceramic market there is a shortage of companies and professionals able to provide high quality engineering services with manufacturing application, the company saw proper to establish the "The Ceramics Quality Centre".

"The Ceramics Quality Centre" employs a team of professionals of the highest level, including those of analytical department, research and engineering department, fine-tuning technologies department and a laboratory equipped with up-to-date “Philips” equipment. Raw materials test program in our laboratory is designed in such a way that the research could provide the most complete information about the given mixture and raw components, their composition, properties, behavior in the process of technological processing, molding, drying and firing.

After completion of works the employees of the "The Ceramics Quality Centre" carry out the field supervision which provides necessary consultations and supervision control of the designed process solutions application.

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