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Available services

"The Ceramics Quality Centre" provides the following services:

1. Formulation of ceramic pastes and glazes for brick, ceramic granite, floor tile, faced tile, sanitary and building products, insulators (subgroup 110, 110.1, 130), roofing tile.

2. Technical writing for the optimal technology of clays embedding in relation to the existing production techniques.

3. Issuance of process regulations for production.

4. Technology audit of the enterprise:

• reject analysis and assessment of actual losses from rejects;

• compilation of the classifiers of rejects and providing of recommendations on how to eliminate them;

• verification and reassessment of the theoretical and actual formula of incoming inspection;

• actual and required inspection points at the place of production.

5. Determination of the mineralogical composition of raw materials.

6.  Determination of the ceramic properties and capabilities of clayey materials:

• plastic properties;

• degree of dispersion;

• mechanical composition;

• coefficient of drying sensitivity;

• liquescence;

• sintering range;

• determination of the phase composition;

• determination of open and closed porosity and size of capillary pores;

• determination of linear and volumetric shrinkage.

7. Physical and mechanical testing of the mixtures being studied and/or finished products with the issuance of test reports:

• mechanical compression resistance;

• statistical bending;

• water absorption;

• porosity;

• acid resistance;

• alkali resistance;

• cold resistance;

• heat resistance;

• water perviousness;

• unit weight.

8. Analysis of the properties of the used additive agents (filling aggregates etc.).

9. Determination of the fired properties of the mixtures:

• sintering range;

• caking property;

• fire shrinkage;

• determination of the phase composition;

• determination of open and closed porosity and size of capillary pores.

10. Release of pilot batch with the compilation of double-sided report.

11. Issuance of process regulations and production startup of the designed formulations.

  • Available Services
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