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LLC "NPP "Geoinvest" offers its services to the organization and implementation of specialized exploration works and consulting services on mineral resources and GIS service.

Geological exploration

In the process of organizing of exploration work the plan of exploration work with design drafting and budget documentation is carried out, programs of works in time, on volumes and financing of works. During field period the geological maintenance of scheduled geological exploration work is carried out with establishing of the system of accumulation, organization, control and presentation of geological data . The combination of classical methods of geological research and modern computer technology allows to work out a rational system of exploration , which better corresponds to features of object of subsoil , the general principles of intelligence and provides a successful solution to its problems. Analyzing the results of geological, technical and economic studying of mineral deposits , LLC "NPP " Geoinvest " performs geological and economic evaluation of the exploration work to estimate their commercial value.

The enterprise has worked off a technique of preparation of materials of geological and economic assessment of fields, including geological and technological justification of reliability of explored reserves and the feasibility study of conditions, for submission to the State Commission on Mineral Reserves.

Results of works are noted in a form of reports which part the text, text and graphic applications both on papers and in electronic form.

Work in the mining industry:

  • Operational investigation for ensuring of planning of current and perspective mining works;
  • Further exploration of mineral deposits on the flanks , which are being developed ;
  • Write-off of mineral resources of national and local importance given to the mining enterprise;
  • Repeated revaluation of reserves of minerals deposits;
  • Qualitative and technological mapping of subsurface objects ;
  • Studying of industrial wastes (overburden breeds, tails of flotation and gravitation, various slimes, etc.) as technogenic mineral deposits with the subsequent approbation of their stocks.

Consulting services:

  • Consultations concerning use of subsoil;
  • Preparation of geological materials in a package of documents for obtaining special permissions (licenses) for using a subsoil both for the purpose of their geological studying, and for the purpose of mining;
  • Scientific and methodological recommendations to optimize the geological study of subsoil use objects;
  • Planning and preparation of programs of geological exploration.

GIS-service provides services in collecting, storage and display of geological data using GIS - technologies.

Working with an array of primary geological survey information accompanied by the formation of electronic databases of geological data, automatic calculation of the actual position in space of results of geological observations to digitize paper-based geological survey documentation (geological charts and maps, topographical plans, etc.).

Using GIS - technology allows you to create three-dimensional representation of geological, laboratory analytical , geophysical, topographic data , the results of testing of underground and surface mining and other data mapping. Formation of primary data files (mining coordinates , sampling , geological characteristics , inclination , etc.) create favorable conditions for the implementation of specialized computer technologies on customer’s enterprise to achieve optimal strategic solutions that allow to achieve the greatest economic benefit.

  • Available Services
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